Memory Cafe - what's the buzz?

Reviews of my new album are slowly starting to trickle in. Here are a few that were published this past week:

"Anyone who gets out at night on the West Coast knows Steve Maddock is a terrific singer who can tackle different musical forms. But who knew about his arranging skills?

Check out Memory Cafe, his latest release, a collection of original songs by Craig Salkeld (the arrangements of which aren't credited), and standard jazz tunes, carefully mapped out by the singer. One of these, opening track There Is No Greater Love, has a very cool guitar and bass line that breaks into a swing beat, over which Maddock croons and purrs his lines. You've Changed has a similar guitar-bass-drums riff, only this one breaks tempo for some vocal passages, then segues into a 12/8 blues. And Maddock goes the Bobby Mcferrin route for his a cappella version of Autumn Leaves, his voice taking on the bass, percussion and trumpet parts.

The material comes in many forms - duos with pianist Miles Black, small group numbers (with Black, guitarist Bill Coon, bassist Jodi Proznick and drummer Craig Scott), and tracks written for a horn section. The leader sings with such aplomb you wonder why Michael Bublé gets all the attention in Vancouver when this city has talents like Steve Maddock."

(Marke Andrews - The Vancouver Sun)

"Sometimes a great voice can make the difference between a mediocre recording and great music. That is certainly the case on Steve Maddock's Memory Cafe.

On each song, Maddock's smooth, rich vocal delivery makes his vision for this record come alive. You've Changed is a blues-infused wonder while Autumn Leavesis fun, full of energy and contains some scatting that rivals jazz greats of old. Somebody Pinch Me is cheeky yet seductive and while I was more familiar with James Taylor's slightly sweeter version of The Secret of Life, Maddock pulls it off nicely...

Most of the tracks found here are smartly crafted and well chosen, giving jazz fans much to celebrate. Memory Cafe certainly makes for a memorable listening experience."