Memory Cafe - what's the buzz?

I was fortunate enough to get my new CD into the hands of three jazz icons - pianist Ellis Marsalis (Ellis Marsalis Trio), bassist Ron Carter (Miles Davis Quintet) and drummer Ed Thigpen (Oscar Peterson Trio). Here's what these men had to say about Memory Cafe:

"What a refreshing vocal album! From the quick tempo of How Did We End Up Like This, to the bossa nova groove in I've Got A Secret For You, to the ballad When You Were Sent From Heaven, and last but certainly not least, the treatment of Autumn Leaves. Wonderful disc...a pleasure to listen to...again and again..."

 Ron Carter - jazz bassist


  "My wife and I have been enjoying your CD immensely. The Love Supreme statement (in There Is No Greater Love) is classic. The title track is also great. It is a pleasure to hear a recording using original lyrics and modern jazz arrangements without pandering to a listening audience or going "out" to show how hip they are. Great job."

 Ellis Marsalis - jazz pianist


 “I am quite impressed with your singing, particularly the two pieces that you scat on. Very good indeed! Your voice and phrasing are both a lot like Mel Torme´s, which is meant as a compliment! One of the great singers of our time…”

 Ed Thigpen – jazz drummer