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Steve Maddock: press

"There is little doubt that Steve Maddock is one of Canada's finest jazz vocalists."

Siegel Entertainment Ltd.

"Put a jazz standard in Steve Maddock's hands, and you'll hear the song like never before...and this guy swings!"

Coastal Jazz and Blues Society

Praise for 'Memory Cafe'...

"Kudos to Steve Maddock! For he has certainly produced one of the outstanding male jazz vocal albums of the year."

Ed Blanco -

“The Love Supreme statement (in There Is No Greater Love) is classic. Memory Cafe is also great. It is a pleasure to hear a recording using original lyrics and modern jazz arrangements without pandering to a listening audience or going "out" to show how hip they are. Great job.”

Ellis Marsalis - jazz pianist (Ellis Marsalis Trio)

"What a refreshing vocal album! From the quick tempo of How Did We End Up Like This, to the bossa nova groove in I've Got A Secret For You, to the ballad When You Were Sent From Heaven, and last but certainly not least, the treatment of Autumn Leaves. Wonderful disc...a pleasure to listen to...again and again..."


Ron Carter - jazz bassist (Miles Davis Quintet)

“I am quite impressed with your singing, particularly the two pieces that you scat on. Very good indeed! Your voice (and phrasing) is a lot like Mel Torme´s, which is meant as a compliment! One of the great singers of our time…”


Ed Thigpen - jazz drummer (Oscar Peterson Trio)

"Anyone who gets out at night on the West Coast knows Steve Maddock is a terrific singer who can tackle different musical forms, but who knew about his arranging skills?"

Marke Andrews - The Vancouver Sun

"Fine CD!"

Paul Grant - host of 'Hot Air' on CBC Radio

“NICE JOB!!!! I loved your version of Autumn Leaves.... How do you do that??”

Rick Cluff - host of 'The Early Edition' on CBC Radio

“Memory Cafe is a wonderful collection of songs played and executed by an all-star cast of Vancouver musicians. As great as they sound however, the highlight of the album is the solo rendition of Autumn Leaves. This has been a staple in Maddock's repertoire since his college days and as many times as I have heard it, its never gets old…”

Cory Weeds - jazz saxophonist and owner of The Cellar Jazz Club

"In a wonderful balance of past and present, Vancouver vocalist Steve Maddock's Memory Cafe draws from jazz standards as well as songs written by the great Craig Salkeld (even a James Taylor tune) to create this fantastic recording, with Maddock's exquisite style and vocal range showcased beautifully throughout. From Steve's amazing a cappella rendition of 'Autumn Leaves', to the exciting, horn-induced treatment of Salkeld's 'How Did We End Up Like This', Memory Cafe features excellent arrangements played by a who's who of Vancouver's music community. A thoroughly enjoyable CD from this multi-talented artist."

Kelly Jefferson - jazz saxophonist

 "On each song, Maddock's smooth, rich vocal delivery makes his vision for this record come alive. Memory Cafe certainly makes for a memorable listening experience."

JD Chute -

"From the first unison lines written in his introduction to 'There Is No Greater Love' I was hooked..."

Karin Plato - jazz vocalist and educator

“This CD is a remarkable artistic achievement in scope, creativity, and musicianship.”

Dr. Jan Olesen - bassist and educator, University of Alberta

“…Breathtaking and courageous mix... To me, it seems that Steve is one of the instruments and without being self-centered, is still the center.”

Richard Nostbakken - artist, educator and jazz enthusiast

Reviews of 'Beauty and the Beast'

“Steve Maddock is new as the Beast, handsomely filling the hairy creature’s big boots. Maddock has a strong set of lungs but tempers things with subtlety, especially when he hits the high notes of If I Can’t Love Her.”

Peter Birnie - Vancouver Sun

“Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is hands down the best holiday show I’ve seen this year.”

Colin Thomas - The Georgia Straight

“…Wallis (Amy Wallis as Belle) and Maddock stand at the centre of a minor masterpiece of musical theatre.”

Peter Birnie - Vancouver Sun

“Steve Maddock, who’s new to the role of the Beast, makes the Act 1 closer (If I Can’t Love Her) downright majestic.”

Colin Thomas - The Georgia Straight

Reviews of 'The Fantasticks'

"An absolute standout is Maddock as El Gallo. Tall, dark and handsome, he's just the sort of charismatic guy to sweep Luisa off her feet. A Strong presence on stage, Maddock can blow the roof off the Playhouse or drop down to a gentle murmur as he does in the show's most enduring song, Try To Remember."

Jo Ledingham - Vancouver Courier

"Towering, dashing Steve Maddock is a natural for the role of El Gallo, and, when he opens the show singing Try To Remember, the musical's best number, his voice is so chocolatey rich..."

Colin Thomas - The Georgia Straight

"The motif of complete with the counterpointing of (Jeff) Hyslop's mum performance by the huge, brassy presence of Steve Maddock. As El Gallo, both mythic hero and villain, Maddock gives the morality tale the full measure of its worth as a mid-20th-century look back to America's mythic roots in triumph over adversity." 

Peter Birnie - Vancouver Sun

Reviews of 'Yippies in Love'

"...golden-voiced Steve Maddock, who plays Andy, is the easy-going, undeniable star of this production."

Colin Thomas - The Georgia Straight