1. There is No Greater Love
  2. Memory Cafe *
  3. So He Lies *
  4. Autumn Leaves
  5. Solo *
  6. The Girl Next Door
  7. This Is Gonna Be Some Fun *
  8. How Did We End Up Like This? *
  9. Alone Together
  10. Somebody Pinch Me *
  11. Secret O' Life
  12. I've Got A Secret For You *
  13. Flyin' To Florida
  14. When You Were Sent From Heaven *

* words and music by Craig Salkeld


Personnel: Steve Maddock and Bess Durey (vocals), Miles Black (piano), Bill Coon (guitar), Jodi Proznick (bass), Craig Scott (drums), Campbell Ryga (alto & bari sax), Ross Taggart (tenor sax), Brad Turner (trumpet), Kent Wallace (trumpet), Rod Murray (trombone) and Elliot Polsky (percussion)