An absolute standout is Maddock as El Gallo. Tall, dark and handsome, he's just the sort of charismatic guy to sweep Luisa off her feet. A Strong presence on stage, Maddock can blow the roof off the Playhouse or drop down to a gentle murmur as he does in the show's most enduring song, Try To Remember.” - Jo Ledingham

— Vancouver Courier

Towering, dashing Steve Maddock is a natural for the role of El Gallo, and, when he opens the show singing Try To Remember, the musical's best number, his voice is so chocolatey rich...” - Colin Thomas

— The Georgia Straight

The motif of complete with the counterpointing of (Jeff) Hyslop's mum performance by the huge, brassy presence of Steve Maddock. As El Gallo, both mythic hero and villain, Maddock gives the morality tale the full measure of its worth as a mid-20th-century look back to America's mythic roots in triumph over adversity." ” - Peter Birnie

— Vancouver Sun